New and Refurbished Sunbeds

Advice & Info

We try to offer as much friendly advice and information as we can here. Whether you are opening a Sunbed Shop or want to hire or rent a sunbed that will be available to your customers.

You can take on board our financial advice,  our recommendations on what room requirements you might need, along with how to ensure you have all the electrical requirements in order to fit your sunbed.


We try to make it as simple as possible for you to hire , rent or buy a sunbed. Once you have indentified the Sunbed(s) that you would like, an initial payment will ensure that it will be reserved for you and delivered on your requested date. The initial payment consists of a £250 installation fee and your first month’s rent / hire.

You will be given a contract to sign for 12 months sunbed rental. You will also provide two forms of ID (one including a photo and address, the other a Utility Bill).

As you have paid the first month’s sunbed rent, the following eleven payments will be paid by direct debit (we will give you a simple form to hand in at your bank).

Following the completion of the 12 months, you may decide to keep the sunbed (in which case there is no action needed to be taken), you may decide to buy the Sunbed or you may ask us to collect the Sunbed and cancel the direct debit. It’s as simple as that.

Once the Sunbed has completed 500 hours (each bed is fitted with an hour counter), you must meet the cost of retubing it. We will only charge you the wholesle cost price of tubes ( typically about £10 per tube). Therefore a 40 tube Sunbed  would cost £400 to retube.

We will  retube the Sunbed for you at no extra charge. Remember that by the time your Sunbed has completed 500 hours it will have taken around £10,000 (If you charge your customers £1 for 3 minutes).

Whilst renting the sunbed you do NOT pay for Maintenance.

In terms of Insurance, your shop policy will have a sum insured for ‘Fixtures & Fittings’ and you should ensure that the figure covers the cost of the Sunbed(s). The value of your particular Sunbed will be included in the contract but typically it would be £3000-£4500. We will require your insurance to cover the full cost of the sunbed(s).

Rent to Buy

Add £10 per week to your hire fee (per sunbed) and after 2 years the sunbed is yours to keep. This offer only applies if you have kept ‘up to date’ payments over the 2 years. During ‘Rent to Buy’, we maintain your sunbeds for you free of charge.

Renting – to – Buy your sunbed or sunshower means that not only are your monthly payments fixed for 2 years , but that the tanning equipment is yours to keep at the end of that period. Legal title of the Sunbed is transferred to you on payment of your final monthly rental fee.


The size of the room that your Sunbed is situated in is of upmost importance. It can be off-putting for a customer to squeeze through the door with little or no room to undress before tanning. The larger the room, the better the ventilation and a greater chance of customer satisfaction.

We do however realize that sometimes a large room just isn’t possible, especially in Salons where you need to maximize earnings by accommodating as many Sunbeds as possible.  Our experience and expertise should be helpful in these situations as each sunbed has different attributes and your particular room may be best suited to a particular model.

Visit Our Showroom

Sunbeds do vary in size so we would recommend that you come and have a look at the sunbed you want in our showroom before it is delivered. Each sunbed that you rent, hire or buy comes with a meter (which we will fit to the wall) and tokens.

Sunbed Fitting Procurements

If possible you should fit a 30cm vent to the door or/and to the outside walls. Also, try to have walls that fall a foot short of the ceiling. This all ensures better ventilation. The sunbeds do give off a lot of heat, and although some customers  seem to prefer a ‘hot’ sunbed, it is better for the maintenance of the sunbed and the temperature of the shop if there is good ventilation. Your doors should open outwards in accordance with Health & Safety directives. Ideally, try to provide a coat-hook, a mirror, moisturizer and an air freshener in each room.

A Lie Down Sunbed Requires:

a room that is a minimum 8 feet long by 7 feet wide. (Some lie down sunbeds require 9 feet by 8 feet)

A Stand Up Sunbed Requires:

a room that is a minimum 8 feet by 7 feet with an 8 feet high ceiling.


A 40 tube Sunbed costs about 70p an hour in electricity charges. If you are charging your customers £1 for 3 minutes then the Sunbed will take £20 an hour.

Technical Details

A separate electrical supply that runs to your Sunbed room is required. We can carry out all of your electrical requirements if you would like. The cost can vary according to your particular requirements but the price is usually in the region of £200 per sunbed. We would assess the work required and give you a price. If the price was agreeable then we would complete the electrical work. If you wanted to use your own electrician then please ask them to read the following information.

Before your Sunbed is delivered you will need to ensure the following;

A single phase 16mm (Twin & Earth) cable needs to run from your fuseboard to a 63amp wall mounted rotary isolator switch in your Sunbed room. The rotary isolator switch  should be positioned to the right hand side of where the Sunbed will be situated, approximately 5feet high on the wall. The fuseboard must have a separate circuit breaker for each Sunbed. Usually a Stand Up Sunbed needs a Type C 63amp breaker while a Lie down sunbed needs a Type C 50amp breaker.

If you have a 3 phase electrical supply into the premises (mandatory for more than two Sunbeds) then the circuit breaker in your fuseboard should be 3 x 20amp for a Lie Down Sunbed or 3 x 32amp for a Stand Up sunbed. The cable from the fuseboard to the rotary switch should be 4mm per phase for a Lie Down sunbed and 6mm per phase for a Stand Up sunbed.

If your electrician fits a RCD/RCB/RCBO then it should be 100mA trip, NOT the standard 30mA trip