Northern Lights Fluorescent Lamp Disposal

We are registered waste carrier and broker offering the safe collection of used fluorescent tubes/lamps.

The Waste Electrical and electronic equipment directive (WEEE) is now UK and European Law. The legislation ensures safe disposal of used florescent and LED lamps of all types.

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We can collect, dispose of and recycle your used fluorescent lamps/tubes safely and efficiently and provide with a ‘hazardous waste regulations 2005: consignment note’. Average cost of disposal is 0.35p per lamp. Transport fee is £1 per mile. We are based in the North West of England.

Cost examples

150 lamps collected from Birmingham is £218.50 plus vat.

150 lamps collected from Bristol is £380 plus vat.

150 lamps collected from Glasgow is £418.50 plus vat.

Did you know?

All fluorescent lamps are now classified as hazardous waste in line with he WEEE directive. This is because most fluorescent lamps contain potentially harmful substances, particularly mercury, lead and cadmium. Our trained staff ensure that your lamps and bulbs are correctly disposed of, providing a ‘Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005: Consignment Note’ and ensuring most environmentally friendly form of recycling available.

How we can help

We can remove used lamps and bulbs from Offices, schools, gyms, hairdressers, tanning salons, small businesses, retails, warehouses etc.


We can collect, dispose and recycle your used lamps safely and efficiently.

Cost of disposal is 0.35p per lamp. The transport fee is £1 per mile. We are north west based.

Additional information

Prior to collection it is important that your lamps are not sleeved. This would incur a further charge of 0.12p per sleeve due to extra labour incurred. Please use masking tape or electricians’ tape rather than parcel tape or duct tape, if the bulbs are in bundles.

No contract required. We are happy to collect on a ‘one off’ basis.

Northern Lights Lamp Disposal are proud to play a part in the most environmentally friendly route to disposal and recycling of your used fluorescent lamps. Contract us today for a ‘no obligation’ quote

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