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Sunbed Repairs

Keeping your sunbeds working well and as they should be is a constant chore, particularly if you want to avoid expensive loss of business and unhappy customers.

In order to keep your sunbeds working as they should and maximising their full potential, it makes sense that you should use a professional and knowledgeable company to look after them. That is why you need to contact us.

We can help

Continuing to run sunbeds that are not performing as they should and without their performance being optimised is just not cost effective. It won’t take long for disillusioned customers to walk away and not come back. They will be put off by the appearance of sunbeds that look uncared for and scruffy. If bodywork is cracked, marked or dirty and things like tubes or fans are not working or malfunctioning, then your reputation will soon be tarnished. Once this happens, it is not easy to get back to a position of strength. Why take the risk of losing valuable customers and damaging your business when you don’t have to? Our all-encompassing repair service takes care of everything, from re-tubing and making good breakdowns and damage as well as ensuring that the bodywork always looks pristine.

Why get your repairs done with us?

As professional repairs in the Manchester area of commercial sunbeds, we look after all brands and all models. From our network of specialists, we are able to locate all necessary parts, whether you need starters, tubes, fans or exterior body parts. No matter what type of fault you are having problems with, we will explain what is wrong and provide you with a quotation of cost before we go ahead with any work. Our rates for repairs are extremely competitive and our engineers are efficient and thorough at what they do. Skilled and fully trained by the sunbed manufacturers, they are always totally professional and never miss a thing. When you call us to facilitate a repair, we will make you aware of any call-out fees before we make the journey to your premises. If you are renting sunbeds from us then this will not be applicable as in this instance, all service charges and repairs are included in the rental price.

What we do

We can work with all makes and models of sunbeds and obtain the necessary parts to keep them looking good and fully operational. Because we are able to diagnose faults quickly, you save time and money and we are able to get your machines functioning and back in working order without you having to disappoint customers. Our sunbed repair facility also provides you with advice and support at all times along with expert technical advice.

Get in touch with us now to discuss our sunbed maintenance and repair service, installation, cleaning, replacement of lamps and fans along with your requirements for any other spare parts or body acrylics. Our friendly and supportive customer service team are always on hand to help and support, working hard to keep your business fully operational.

Repair Cost

Our call out fee is £49 and any parts required will be extra.

Please Note: If you are renting a Sunbed from us then Service & Repairs are free.