Sunbed Retubing

Sunbed Servicing

Keeping your sunbeds working as they should is all about good timely servicing and sufficient general care. Without this sort of routine regime in place, then your sunbeds may not be working correctly. Customers may suffer due to poor results and your business could receive bad feedback.

So how do you avoid this?

Looking after your sunbeds is vital. Maximum performance is only achieved when the machinery is operating safely and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are worried that you may have a sunbed that is below par or which is receiving poor ratings from your clients, you should get in touch with us now.

What sort of problems can occur?

At SunBed Rent we carry out sunbed servicing in Manchester for many commercial premises. As well as general electrical problems, the tube covering can get dusty thereby blocking some of the UV rays. This will result in a poor quality of tan. If the fans are blocked or simply not working at the correct speed, the internal space of the sunbed can overheat. Not only can this cause components within the machine to function incorrectly but safety and the comfort of your customers may be compromised.

How we help

Our sunbed servicing facility in Manchester provides all that you need in one affordable package. We will do things like clean the acrylic coverings inside and out, overhaul and service the fans and check the electrics. If we find any problems such as fans or tubes not working correctly we will discuss with you so that repairs can be put in place. We will also alert you to and potential future problems and will not repair anything unless you have given the go ahead and approve the price.

If you already rent a sunbed from us then you do not need to worry as all servicing is included in the sunbed hire/rental cost.

Whether you have one machine or many, our routine servicing package ensures that all is safe and well 24/7. Why risk problems with safety and performance and upset customers when you can build our service price into your monthly budget? By accessing commercial sunbed service Manchester from a company such as SunBedRent you are assured of professional, affordable and comprehensive attention when and where you need it.

Give us a call now and make your sunbed servicing problems a distant memory.

Service Cost

Sunbed Service costs £49 per bed.

Please Note: If you are renting a Sunbed from us then Service & Repairs are free.